The IAU Symposium 319 will be held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, from 11-14 Aug 2015. This meeting is part of the IAU General Assembly in 2015The programme of talks for this meeting is available here

Understanding galaxy evolution over cosmic time is a central theme of modern astrophysics. While our knowledge is still dominated by work in the nearby (z<1) Universe, an explosion of multi-wavelength data (from e.g. HST/Spitzer/Herschel/Chandra), together with powerful simulation work, is revolutionising our understanding of z>1, a critical epoch where the bulk of the cosmic stellar-mass assembly takes place. New and forthcoming instruments (e.g. e-ROSITA/KMOS/ALMA/SKA precursors) promise transformational insights into the interplay between gas, star formation and AGN at early epochs, while planned future facilities (e.g. LSST/JWST/ELTs) will comprehensively probe galaxy evolution all the way up to reionization. This Symposium will provide a timely platform for showcasing our accumulating knowledge of the early Universe, connecting these high-redshift studies to the past literature and laying the groundwork for exploiting future (post-2015) instruments.